New website open

“After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to build a website – now that everyone else is moving away from them!”, laughs Riitta Paakki.

“My music is on Spotify and iTunes, I try to use my Facebook and Instagram accounts actively, and I have an artist profile on Jazz Finland database. It feels a bit scattered, and none of these platforms are in my control, so I felt that I needed a ‘place of my own’ to compile all my professional info,” she explains.

On this site you’ll find Riitta Paakki’s upcoming concerts, albums, links to music, promotional texts and photos. The page is mainly in English, except for the biography, which is also in Finnish, and the upcoming press clip archive, which will contain reviews in both languages.

If you find errors on this site, or something doesn’t work, please leave a comment here below. If you have concert inquiries or questions to Riitta, please contact her directly (details can be found on the info page).

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